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Yankee Talk

Tuesday, June 18th
Joe and Evan chat about the Yankee win over the Rays and the tremendous performance by Tanaka.

Andy Pettitte

Tuesday, June 18th
Joe and Evan talk with the great Yankee pitcher about his career and we find out the one question most young pitchers ask him when they meet him.

Howie Rose

Tuesday, June 18th
Joe and Evan talk with the voice of the Mets about the struggling team, the future of the manager and much more.

What to do with Edwin Diaz

Tuesday, June 18th
Joe and Evan begin the segment talking about the American League and it turns into an argument over whether or not the Mets should trade Edwin Diaz.

Show Open

Tuesday, June 18th
Joe and Evan open the day talking about the Mets 12-3 loss to the Braves and discuss if the season is already over.

Knicks Talk

Monday, June 17th
Joe and Evan talk Knicks free agency and how the Davis deal may impact things.