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Brian Costello

Friday, August 16th
Evan Roberts recaps the Jets/Falcons game with Brian and discuss what the team may do to fix the corner position, the kicker and much more.

Paul Dottino

Friday, August 16th
Evan Roberts previews tonight's Giants vs. Bears pre-season game with our Giants insider.

Dave Richard

Friday, August 16th
Evan Roberts talks with the tremendous fantasy analyst from CBS Sports about expectation for Odell Beckham, Todd Gurley, Ezekiel Elliott and many more.

Show Open

Friday, August 16th
Evan Roberts talks about last night's Yankees loss, what it means for the playoff strategy and the Mets win in Atlanta.

Ross Tucker

Thursday, August 15th
Evan Roberts talks with our NFL insider about the health of Carson Wentz, how much the Giants will use Saquon Barkley this season, the growth of Sam...

QB Draft History

Thursday, August 15th
Evan breaks down the top drafted QB's of the last few years and how many games they usually play in their first season and what it means for Daniel Jones this...