The Evan Roberts Podcast

Five minutes after a brutal Met or Yankee loss Evan wants to talk about it.
Minutes after the Nets or Knicks played a classic game on the west coast Evan
wants to break it down. A long form discussion on Monday Night Raw or the
latest TV Show he’s obsessing over. On the Evan Roberts podcast he will
give instant reactions to events and talk about things normally not discussed
on the midday show.
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Evan and wife talk TV Show You Season 1

Wednesday, January 8th
Back during the spring, Evan’s wife Sylvia discovered a show on Netflix called “YOU.” After they both bing watched it, the turned on the microphones to talk...

Instant Reaction: Nets suck again

Monday, January 6th
The Nets lost to the Orlando Magic and Evan is not happy. He rails against the teams performance against the Magic, the way they have played over the last 9...

Decade in Review: Sports Talk Radio

Tuesday, December 31st
Evan is joined by producer Ernie Acosta to reminisce on the hottest sports talk radio topics of the last decade. What NY sports stories sparked the most debate...

Decade in Review: Giant/Jets part 2

Tuesday, December 24th
Host/Producer Shaun Morash is back for the more depressing part of the decade in review...discussing the last 5 years. In Part 2...things take a really bad...

Decade in Review: Giants/Jets part 1

Monday, December 23rd
Evan is joined by host/producer and avid Giant fan Shaun Morash as they begin the trek of talking Giants and Jets from the last 10 years. In part 1 the boys...