The Evan Roberts Podcast

Five minutes after a brutal Met or Yankee loss Evan wants to talk about it.
Minutes after the Nets or Knicks played a classic game on the west coast Evan
wants to break it down. A long form discussion on Monday Night Raw or the
latest TV Show he’s obsessing over. On the Evan Roberts podcast he will
give instant reactions to events and talk about things normally not discussed
on the midday show.

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Fantasy Baseball Preview

Tuesday, March 19th
As you get set for your 2019 Fantasy Baseball Draft, let Evan and 2 former champions from his fantasy league help you out! The boys give their rankings at each...

Nets Road Trip Preview

Tuesday, March 12th
Fresh off the blowout victory over the Pistons, Evan is joined by fellow Nets fan Mike Bisceglia (Producer of Taz and the Moose) as they preview the huge 7...

Instant Reaction: WWE Fastlane

Sunday, March 10th
Evan gives his instant reaction thoughts on the final WWE PPV before Wrestlemania. He opens by discussing the decision to main even the show with the Shield 6...

WrestleMania Main Event Retrospective

Tuesday, March 5th
Evan is joined by fellow wrestling fan/historian @DHapShow as they break down every main event in WrestleMania history. 2 minutes are on the clock for each...

The Florida Trip

Sunday, March 3rd
While sitting in front of a “No Parking, No Standing Anytime” sign near the car rental return area, Evan talks his Florida trip. He discusses his flying...