The Evan Roberts Podcast

Five minutes after a brutal Met or Yankee loss Evan wants to talk about it. Minutes after the Nets or Knicks played a classic game on the west coast Evan wants to break it down. A long form discussion on Monday Night Raw or the latest TV Show he’s obsessing over. On the Evan Roberts podcast he will give instant reactions to events and talk about things normally not discussed on the midday show.
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Instant Reaction: WWE Extreme Rules

Sunday, July 15th
Evan gives his reaction to the 2018 edition of WWE Extreme Rules. His thoughts on the future of Brock Lesner, the reinstatement of Hulk Hogan and why AJ Styles...

Mets SUCK Edition

Saturday, June 23rd
After Matt Kemp hit his back breaking grandslam against the Mets on Saturday night, Evan needed to vent. He talks about the awful game between the Mets and...

Nets Talk

Wednesday, June 20th
Evan is joined by fellow die hard Net fan CBS Sports Radio producer Mike Bisceglia to discuss the trade that was 6 years in the making...Dwight Howard to the...