The Evan Roberts Podcast

Five minutes after a brutal Met or Yankee loss Evan wants to talk about it.
Minutes after the Nets or Knicks played a classic game on the west coast Evan
wants to break it down. A long form discussion on Monday Night Raw or the
latest TV Show he’s obsessing over. On the Evan Roberts podcast he will
give instant reactions to events and talk about things normally not discussed
on the midday show.
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Wrestling Re-Watch Starrcade 1998

Sunday, March 29th
Evan and @DHapShow rewatch another classic pro wrestling PPV...this time its from WCW and it’s the infamous Starrcade 1998. They give their thoughts on each...

Wrestling Re-Watch: Summerslam 2002

Monday, March 23rd
We all remember Summerslam 2002 as being an all time great PPV...but can it stand the test of time?! Evan and @DHapShow re watch the classic event and give...

HBK at Wrestlemania Retrospective

Thursday, March 19th
Evan and official podcast retrospectiver @DHapShow take a walk down memory lane discussing Mr. Wrestlemania himself Shawn Michaels. The boys discuss every...

Instant Reaction: Mania News/RAW

Monday, March 16th
Evan is joined by @DHapshow to react to the 1st empty performance center RAW and the big news that Wrestlemania will take place in that same location.