The Evan Roberts Podcast

Five minutes after a brutal Met or Yankee loss Evan wants to talk about it.
Minutes after the Nets or Knicks played a classic game on the west coast Evan
wants to break it down. A long form discussion on Monday Night Raw or the
latest TV Show he’s obsessing over. On the Evan Roberts podcast he will
give instant reactions to events and talk about things normally not discussed
on the midday show.

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Instant Reaction: Money in the Bank

Sunday, May 19th
Fresh off seeing Brock Lesner return AGAIN, Evan has a lot to say about that and the rest of the Money in the Bank PPV. He begins the podcast by expressing his...

WWE Money in the Bank Retrospective

Wednesday, May 15th
Evan is joined by fellow WWE historian @DHapShow to discuss the history of the Money in the Bank concept and all of its cash ins. First they give their initial...

Lottery Reaction as it happened

Tuesday, May 14th
While not sure if this was a horrible idea or halfway decent idea, Evan decided to do a lottery show as it happened, to give us live reaction to the results...

Knicks offseason preview

Thursday, May 9th
Evan is joined by die hard Knicks fan Brandon Tierney as they discuss the upcoming and highly anticipated offseason. They talk about what happened in the 2019...

Nets offseason preview

Wednesday, May 1st
Just a week after their brutal series ending Game 5 loss, Evan is joined by fellow Net fan and Taz and the Moose producer Mike Bisceglia to talk about whats...

The Islanders!

Thursday, April 25th
The 2018-2019 New York Islanders are in the 2nd round of the playoffs and now finally know who they are facing! Just hours after learning their opponent, Evan...