30 With Murti

A weekly half hour conversation focusing on individuals with the New York
Yankees and others from around the baseball world.
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'30 With Murti': Lisa Fernandez

Wednesday, July 15th
Lisa Fernandez is one of the most decorated softball players in history, and as a three-time Olympian, she has had some experience with the international...

'30 With Murti': Jeff Smulyan

Monday, June 22nd
WFAN went on the air 33 years ago next month, and the man who brought 24-hour Sports Talk Radio to life in 1987 is Jeff Smulyan, the Chairman of the Board of...

'30 With Murti': Damon Oppenheimer

Tuesday, June 2nd
There are a lot of challenges to scouting and completing a draft after the high school and college baseball seasons were shut down almost three months ago. To...

'30 With Murti': Joe Torre

Tuesday, May 26th
Hall of Fame manager Joe Torre, along with his wife Ali, formed the Safe at Home Foundation in 2002, aimed at stopping the cycle of domestic violence. For...