NFL Divisional Round Weekend Picks-Picks-Picks (Against the Spread)

Boomer and Gio
Friday, January 11th
Finally we got to the wildly popular segment of the program where Boomer and Gio offered-up their “award-winning” NFL Picks-Picks-Picks against the spread, for the Division Round Weekend.  They are as follows:

1 – Colts (+5.5) @ Chiefs:
Boomer: Colts
Gio: Chiefs
Jerry: Colts

2 – Cowboys (+7) @ Rams:
Boomer: Cowboys
Gio: Rams
Jerry: Cowboys

3 – Chargers (+4) @ Patriots:
Boomer: Chargers
Gio: Chargers
Jerry: Patriots

4 – Eagles (+8) @ Saints:
Boomer: Eagles
Gio: Eagles
Jerry: Saints

**BONUS:  Al Dukes’ $5, Four Team Parlay**

Chiefs (-5) / Cowboys (+7) / Chargers (+4) / Saints (-8)

Do with the above information whatever you see fit – and ‘May The Force Be With You’…