Last Show: Mike Says Goodbye

Mike and the Mad Dog
Thursday, July 12th
It all ended on Aug. 15, 2008. That was the day Mike Francesa opened the show confirming that after 19 years Mike and the Mad Dog were going their separate ways. “We started this program on Sept. 5, 1989,” Francesa said. “It was a shotgun wedding, as everyone may remember, if you’re old enough. It was almost a quicky divorce. We did not get along very well in the beginning. The show was considered to be a colossal misjudgment the first couple of weeks. Within nine months, it was the toast of the town. And fortunately, for Dog and myself, it has remained that for these many years. “This is a very sad ocassion.” Then Chris “Mad Dog” Russo called in to say goodbye. He said the move had nothing to do with his working relationship with Francesa. “I’m 48. It’s time for a little change for me personally. I think this will both do us a little good. I think you’ll do very well,” Mad Dog told Francesa. “I can tell you’re challenged, looking forward to it. … I think that I just need a little challenge in my life, a little something different.” Then an emotional listener, Tony, called in. “This show will be thought of for the rest of my life, and I want to wish you the best of luck to your family and to your friends,” he told Francesa. “One thing I want to ask you: Can I call you at any time?” “You’re killing me, Tony,” Francesa responded. “Yes, yes, any time, Tony.” Mark Mason, the former WFAN program director who teamed Francesa with Russo in 1989, then called into the show. “I think everybody’s got this a little wrong,” Mason said. “I think you guys are to be congratulated. I think it’s a celebration. I can’t think of the last time anything this great has been on the air for nearly two decades. And it’s a remarkable thing in the history of broadcasting. “Look, everybody has their ups and downs. The thing that made you guys great in my mind was your passion, your love for broadcasting and your love for sports.”