The Knicks Stick To The Script In Cleveland

Boomer and Gio
Tuesday, February 12th
The Knicks lost their 17th straight game Monday in Cleveland, which in theory, is good news - that is if you’re a fan of the 10-46 Knickerbockers tanking this season with the hopes of landing the #1 overall draft pick in the 2019 NBA Draft – which would presumably be Dukes’ Zion Williamson.  Boomer & Gio could be heard talking about the aforementioned Knicks early-on Tuesday morning, after the team set a franchise record for consecutive losses.  In addition to coveting the top draft pick, the front office also has a couple of max free-agents in their sights.  We also heard from a couple of listeners, who shared their ideas of how to fix, what seems to be, a broken system.