Gio’s Embrace, Todd Bowles’ Plight And Mike Maccagnan’s Future

Boomer and Gio
Friday, December 7th
The Booms was back for this action-packed Football Friday edition of the Morning Show and after he got all the details on Gio’s visit/embrace with Deontay Wilder, the Jets were under the microscope once again.  The guys talked about Todd Bowles remaining tight-lipped with regard to his starting quarterback for Sunday’s game up in Buffalo and the uncomfortable situation the Jets’ head coach currently finds himself in.  Mike Maccagnan’s name also came up, as the GM, assuming he keeps his job, will have an offseason with a lot off season full of a lot of important decisions to make.  So, despite the ineptitude of the locals on the gridiron, the Giants will be in Washington to take on the Redskins by the way, it is a Football Friday folks, so start actin’ like it.