D.B. Sweeney

30 With Murti
Monday, March 30th
This episode of “30 With Murti” could be subtitled “Sweeny on Sweeney."

Actor D.B. Sweeney has been in some memorable sports movies such as "Eight Men Out" -- in which he played Shoeless Joe Jackson -- and "The Cutting Edge," his most memorable role as hockey player-turned-figure skater Doug Dorsey.

Sweeney’s latest project is called “Two Dum Micks,” a short film co-starring Sean Astin (“Rudy”) about a couple of not-so-bright guys down on their luck. The five-minute short premieres Wednesday on Facebook at 7 p.m. Eastern.

D.B. Sweeney meets Sweeny Murti, and they talk about sports movies and more in the latest episode of “30 With Murti.”