Joe Benigno

Mon-Fri: 10AM - 1PM

Joe, a.k.a. Joe from Saddle River, got his big break in radio in 1994, when he won WFAN’s Fan Appreciation Day contest and was awarded a guest host spot on the station. He parlayed his one-shot spot into an early evening host job at a small station in Elizabeth, New Jersey before being offered a full-time spot on the FAN.

Funniest On Air Experience:

The day Bernard McGuirk called me masquerading as a caller; Antoine in the Bronx. I tried cutting him off and was unable to do so.

Favorite Caller:

Lenny in Manhattan, even though he is a Cowboy and Celtic fan…two teams I despise. He is the most knowledgeable caller I have.

Best Moment On Air:

Doing my first Tomorrows Children/SIDS Radiothon back in March of 1996.

Biggest Moment in New York Sports Since the FAN Has Been on the Air:

The Rangers Stanley Cup in 1994.

Attributes the FAN’s Success To:

The fact that if you are a sports lifer like I am, there is nothing better than a 24-hour sports call-in station like WFAN. Obviously, the great Imus in the Morning program has made a tremendous impact, as have Mike Francesa and Chris Russo.