Moose and Maggie’s Mystery Guest: 7/22/2020

Moose & Maggie
July 22, 2020 - 4:21 pm

On Wednesday, Moose and Maggie’s Mystery Guest presented by Jersey Mike’s brought a lot of consonants to the 1 p.m. hour on WFAN.

Once again, time expired on Moose & Maggie as they tried to guess the identity of the guest; even though Maggie again exclaimed “I know this voice,” they were unable to after they discerned he was a former starting pitcher who played for the Indians, Mets, Dodgers, Tigers, and Astros, and played under Bobby V in the 2000 Subway Series. Finally, the guest had to identify himself as…

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Dave Mlicki!

“I think you’re the last person from that Subway Series we haven’t interviewed!” Maggie laughed as Mlicki was welcomed to the show, where he immediately gave his thoughts on the 60-game season as it relates to the starting pitchers, whose workloads are maybe one-third of the usual.

“Man, it has to be tough. You want to make sure you get hot quick, because it’s not very long,” he said. “A 162-game season is long, with so many ups and downs – when I was in Detroit, I went on a winning streak in the second half, and when you get hot it’s so different. In a 60-game season you get so few starts, so you want to get out there and go as hard as you can.”

That can wreak havoc on routines – Mlicki even said “it probably feels like they’ve been out of spring training forever” – but the players will adjust in his mind.

“It depends on the person – for me, I was a huge routine guy, so I hated being in the bullpen! Every time the phone rang I was like oh no, because I hated never knowing when I was going to pitch,” he said. “I had my days where I knew what I was doing. But, they’re all professionals who will make adjustments.”

Mlicki then of course gave his take on the 2020 Mets, and you can listen to that, and his entire segment, by using the Rewind function on the RADIO.COM app – and, as always, you can check out more on-demand audio from WFAN, and tune in every day to the or Twitch.TV/WFAN livestreams of the Moose & Maggie Show!

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