William Hill CEO Joe Asher On WFAN: ‘Today Is The Day, But This Has Been A Long Time Coming’

Mike's On
May 14, 2018 - 7:11 pm


CEO of William Hill US, Joe Asher joined Mike’s On Monday to weigh in on the Supreme Court’s decision granting states the ability to allow gambling on sports across the nation.

“It’s fair to say people are ready to get to it after all this time,” Asher told Mike Francesa. He continued, “People are going to be responsible about it, we’re going to be responsible about it, I know the DGE (Division of Gaming Endorsement) is going to be responsible about it. We’re very cognizant of the fact that today is the day, but this has been a long time coming,” Asher explained.

William Hill is already in charge of the operation at Monmouth Park Racetrack, and as their focus now turns to securing their betting license in New Jersey, among other states, Asher told Francesa “I hope so” when asked if William Hill will be taking bets as early as this summer.

Without assuming what the legislature will be or the DGE’s role, Asher empathized with the people of the Garden State. “Tax payers of New Jersey have spent six years and over $8 million in legal costs pushing this case forward through two administrations now.”

He also pointed out that there will be challenges regarding sports betting moving into a legal market. “People have decades-long relationships with their illegal bookie,” Asher acknowledged.

Asher added that Monday’s Supreme Court ruling won’t force the illegal bookie’s to “throw in the towel and give up,” but he did say it will be important that states allow the legal market to operate in a way where they can compete with the black market.

As far as whether Las Vegas will hurt from this decision at all, Asher doesn’t think so.

“Vegas is a unique experience and people will still want to come out to Nevada.”

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