Joe & Evan Give Some Last-Minute Fantasy Baseball Advice

Joe & Evan
July 21, 2020 - 2:04 pm

We’re now within 72 hours of MLB first pitch for the season, and as a reminder, it’s coming down to the last chance for you to get some good advice on how to win your fantasy leagues this year.

The Evan Roberts Fantasy League had its draft on Monday night, but hours earlier, Evan (and Joe and producer/engineer Tommy Lugauer) had a long discussion on how bizarre this season is going to be.

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“There are a lot of guys who opted out, but the problem is going to be projections,” Roberts said. “Look at Mike Trout, he’s a tremendous player, but he’s said he’s not sure if he’s going to play a full year. So, if you have the No. 1 overall pick, I don’t know if Trout is the slam dunk he usually is.”

Of course, there was a lot of discussion (and trash talk) about the WFAN staffers who are in the league, before Evan had to explain just how much it changed due to this bizarre baseball season.

“We’ve had a keeper league for the last eight years, so every year kind of flows into the next – you keep three guys and can trade picks – but we suspended keepers. This is a complete offshoot league, and we put them on pause until 2021,” Evan said. “I have Jacob de Grom, for instance, so this is someone else's only chance to get him!"

In fact, they completely changed the entire format, to boot.

“Because we only have seven weeks in the season, we had to do away with head-to-head, so now we’re doing roto,” Evan noted, before tossing to Loogy to even explain it to Joe: “There are 14 teams, and if I have the most of a stat of any team, I get 14 points, and if I’m last, I get one.”

“If you have a headache and you’re confused, Joe – I’m confused, too!” Evan exclaimed. “It’s weird, but I’m excited, because it’s at least something. Starting on Thursday night, we’re going to be able to watch baseball, and there’s going to be that fantasy element, and that’s a part of our lives that just disappeared for months.”

Of course, later in the night, producer Ernie Acosta lamented on Twitter that “I can’t believe I’m in a league where Luis Robert went sixth overall,” so apparently some things never change.

If you need some last minute advice from Joe and Evan, check out the entire segment below – and, as always, check out more on-demand audio from WFAN!


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