Keidel: Giants' Loss To Cowboys Another Ugly Blow For New York Football

Jason Keidel
November 05, 2019 - 1:52 pm

It has become trendy to chat about hard luck and high ceilings, how the team with two wins is exponentially better than the team with one win. We've even chuckled over a black cat scampering across the gridiron. 

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But a Bengal tiger could not have helped the New York Giants on Monday night. As the speedy mammal with drooling issues sped around the field, slipped past police, and darted into a dark tunnel, the feline at least entertained us more than Big Blue did during their 37-18 loss against the Dallas Cowboys. 

It was a curious scene in the shadow of Halloween, but if there are hidden cats or curses in the bowels of MetLife Stadium, they are not helping the hosts. Even after a Sunday in which the home team won every NFL game, the Giants could not complete the motif. 

Recently, the Giants lost games in the first quarter, spotting two touchdowns to the Cardinals and Lions in consecutive weeks. Yet last night they stormed out of the gate, snagging Dak Prescott's first pass and starting their first drive in the red zone. 

The Giants even held a 12-3 lead against their longtime rivals and kept it close much of the night until Dallas' obvious edge in talent took over. When the Giants inched deep into Dallas territory, they settled for field goals. When the Cowboys surged past midfield, they scored touchdowns. 

Daniel Jones

Sure, the G-Men got hosed by the refs. They got pinched for pass interference on Amari Cooper when there was none. Then the refs swallowed the whistle when Evan Engram was clearly hit before the ball arrived deep in Dallas territory. But there are no cosmetics to cover up DeAndre Baker's brutal play, no magic tricks to make Janoris Jenkins play hard, and no potions for a porous 2-7 record. 

There should be no comfort in the fact that the Giants look better than the Jets, which is a bit like preferring a hurricane over an earthquake. Both are disasters. Both leave the natives in despair. Neither has a remedy. 

And there's no witch's brew that makes our two NFL clubs better than a combined 3-14 this season. And so goes the irony that the biggest and best city in America, both the media vortex and financial apex, has decayed into a sports graveyard. 

October has long been among the best months in the sports calendar, when pennant races run into the facemask of the football season, with the lid popped on the NBA season (if you consider the Knicks an NBA team). Yet this autumn has been haunted, if not hollow, for all our big-ticket sports teams.  

The Giants have now lost five straight football games. The major difference between the latest loss and all the others is they actually had a lead last night. For a few ephemeral moments, we thought the Giants could beat the only team that lost to the Jets. We didn't need a fat black cat to remind us that the Giants were battered by a 24-6 margin in the second half. We were reminded that the Giants can't protect their passer or pounce on the opposing passer. We were reminded that the Giants go as far as a hobbled Saquon Barkley will carry them. 

We were reminded that the Giants are barely better than the Jets. And the Big Apple is the worst NFL city in the nation.  

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