Giants coach Pat Shurmur reacts on the sideline during 34-13 loss to the Eagles on Oct. 11, 2018, at MetLife Stadium.


Keidel: Giants Fans Have To Be Sick Of This Circus

Shurmur Has Already Lost Control Of This Team

Jason Keidel
October 12, 2018 - 10:35 am

The home team was 5-0 on Thursday night NFL games this season. Until the Giants played. The Eagles hadn't scored more than 23 points in a game all year. Until they played the Giants. Troy Aikman is normally measured, if not muted, when it comes to bashing the teams in his broadcasts. Until he saw the Giants.  

At 1-5, Big Blue officially has the worst record in the league. 

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If the score -- a 34-13 drubbing at the hands of the hated Eagles -- wasn't enough to prove the Giants are content with mediocrity, consider Odell Beckham Jr. praising the Giants' effort last week against Carolina, even though they lost. In Thursday night's game, a falling Carson Wentz flipped the football to Giants linebacker Connor Barwin, then the ball bounced off his chest and dropped to the turf. After dropping a surefire interception, Barwin's teammate, Michael Thomas, congratulated him. 

Their biggest play on defense came in the second quarter when the Eagles missed a field goal with two seconds left. With 24 points, Philadelphia had already surpassed its season high in scoring by halftime.

The Giants failed on eight straight third downs in the first half. They threw screen after screen after failed toss into the flat, as if the NFL had just legalized the forward pass. Saquon Barkley made several dazzling plays, which had to leave conflicted feelings for Giants fans. You are at once thrilled to watch his athletic splendor, yet are solemnly reminded that a running back has a very limited role in a club's success. 

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In the third quarter, Aikman called the Giants a "lifeless group," then the Ealges scored again, making it 31-6. There are so many things wrong with the Giants we don't have enough fingers to point at all their problems. But there's no excuse for being lifeless, for not caring, for players to be at cross-purposes and for the faces of the team to fail so miserably while never taking blame for it. 

Giants fans have to be sick of seeing Beckham's spastic tirades on the sideline, under the guise of frustration, but are always about his narcisisstic need to be bigger than the group, for the camera to never forget where he is. He behaved himself for three months -- just long enough to get his money -- before morphing back into the self-obsessed, emotional child he is. This is now the second time this year he vanished before the first half was over, leaving his self-styled "brothers" on the field while he pouted his way into the locker room. Each time he used dehydration as his excuse, yet he's the only Giant who curiously needs an IV with time left on the clock. 

Enough with the whining, with the brand-conscious interviews with Lil Wayne that do nothing but hurt the men he calls his brothers. The Giants fined Beckham for his comments with the hip-hop star at his flank, but they should have benched him for a game. No doubt they could have done without his six catches and 44 yards Thursday night, without his headbutting an air-conditioning unit and without his storming off the gridiron (with his offense still on the field). 

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Giants fans have to be sick of seeing Eli Manning's bewildered look after yet another wayward pass, as if he were playing his first pro football game. When the Giants play, we rarely know the defense's coverage because Manning rarely throws the ball far enough to expose it. Fans will never forget what he gave the team and town in 2007 and 2011, but also can't forgive what he's given them since. 

Giants fans have to already be sick of Pat Shurmur. Enough with the ornery pressers and monosyllabic answers. It's not the media's fault your team is quitting, infighting or backstabbing. There's a mutiny six games into your career with Big Blue. And that falls on the coach. The coach can't imbue a team with more talent, but he must keep his players on the same page. The team waved a white flag with 10 minutes left in the third quarter, around the same time Aikman called the club lifeless. Shurmur has lost his grip on the steering wheel, and the team bus is sinking in the swamp. 

If you listened to Boomer and Gio on Thursday morning, you heard a classic, flawless rant from Gio about the G-Men. It was largely directed at Beckham's pouty, petulant behavior Thursday night, but it covered the sense of helplessness Giants fans and New Yorkers in general must feel while our distant cousins in Boston revel in a holy trinity of sports teams -- Patriots, Red Sox and Celtics -- that will play deep into their respective seasons. All while New York City stews in the silent, somber prospect of endless defeat. 

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