Brown: Can Resilient Mets Actually Make Playoffs?

Examining Schedules, Chances It Happens

Jake Brown
September 13, 2019 - 2:10 pm

“Season over. On to football.”

Those were the words I used and many Mets fans used following the disastrous, historic collapse to the Nationals on Sep. 3 when they blew a six-run 9th inning lead. That felt like the end of what could have been a magical push to the playoffs. 

But the resilient Mets bounced back from that loss that put them five games back of the second NL Wild Card spot. 10 days later, this team is just two games behind the Cubs and Brewers. What is so insane is the absolute see-saw ride we have watched with this team. It's been a rockier roller coaster than anything at Universal Studios or Six Flags. Day-in and day-out, the Mets are playing with our emotions, but it's nice to have some kind of life for this team in September. 

Can these up-and-down Mets actually sneak into October after we thought that was not a remote possibility?

Well, it's going to take some help. 

The Mets can go out there and go 12-4 in their final 16 games and not make it to the playoffs. They are going to need bad teams to become September spoilers against the Cubs and Brewers. The Cubs are a very good team and have 10 of their final 16 games at home. The Brewers are still a very good team as well, despite their defending MVP Christian Yelich being sidelined now for the rest of the season. If they went 12-4, they would need the Cubs and Brewers to go 10-6 at the very worst just to force a tie. 

Let's take a look at what the two teams ahead of the Mets in the Wild Card have left. 

Cubs Remaining Schedule:

3 vs. Pirates (65-82)
3 vs. Reds (68-79)
4 vs. Cardinals (82-64) 
3 @ Pirates (65-82) 
3 @ Cardinals (82-64) 

Brewers Remaining Schedule:

3 @ Cardinals (82-64) 
4 vs. Padres (68-78)
3 vs. Pirates (65-82) 
3 @ Reds (68-79) 
3 @ Rockies (62-85)

The Cubs tough games are the seven against the Cardinals. The Brewers only difficult games are also against the Cardinals this weekend. Besides that, the Mets need the likes of the Reds, Rockies, Pirates and Padres to do the dirty work for them. 

We have seen crazier things happen and Mets fans know collapses well. 

It is beyond obvious that the Mets need to take care of the task at hand first and win their games. That doesn't need to be said. It could very well come down to this weekend against the Dodgers for the Mets. They are going up against the second-best team in baseball and a few of the best pitchers in the game right now in Clayton Kershaw, Hyun-jin Ryu and Walker Buehler. The Mets can’t lose a single series the rest of the way and they will need a couple sweeps. It’s hard to expect them to sweep the Dodgers, but they really need two out of three. They will need some timely losses from the Cubs and Brewers along the way.

They also still need to keep an eye on the Phillies, although they have a brutally tough schedule coming up. 

Phillies Remaining Schedule:

2 vs. Red Sox (77-70) 
3 @ Braves (91-57) 
3 @ Indians (86-61)
5 @ Nationals (81-64) 
3 vs. Marlins (51-95) 

After this weekend, the Mets only other tough opponent is the Braves, who may be sitting some starters that final weekend of the season, assuming they have clinched the division and can't beat the Dodgers for the best record in the National League. 

Mets Remaining Schedule: 

3 vs. Dodgers (95-53) 
3 @ Rockies (62-85) 
3 @ Reds (68-79)
4 vs. Marlins (51-95) 
3 vs. Braves (91-57) 

The consolation prize if the Mets miss the playoffs is no more Mickey Callaway. Even if they make it, Callaway should be gone, but the Wilpons seem to love him, so that may not end up being the case. If the Mets miss out by a game or two, there will be a few of those heartbreaking losses that included some managerial nightmares that we will lose sleep over. 

The good thing is the Mets are alive in mid-September and playing meaningful games in a tight playoff race. Nobody thought this would be the case 10 days ago, but this team has fought back in the past. They will have to continue to fight and consistently win in the final 16 games and then do a little scoreboard watching. It’s not on to football season fully yet Mets fans. There’s still hope for October baseball. Who is to say the magic can't continue 50 years after the '69 Miracle Mets? LFGM. 

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