John Minko


'The Evan Roberts Podcast': Part 2 Of The Ultimate John Minko Interview

Evan Roberts
June 26, 2019 - 3:56 pm

The latest edition of "The Evan Roberts Podcast" is the second in a series about longtime WFAN update anchor John Minko.

In this episode, the "Mink Man" dives into the birth of WFAN and goes into detail on how the radio station was originally launched back in 1987, along with his own start at The Fan.

"Believe it or not, I was never hired. I never submitted a resume. I never gave them a tape. I was given a job...." Minko said about his arrival at WFAN. "If my memory serves me correct, it was a Wednesday. On Monday was a full staff meeting, and we must have had 150 people... I walk down the stairs and there are all these people and I said, 'This can't be one radio station...'"

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