Boomer and Gio's Moment of the Day: 7/29/2020

Boomer and Gio
July 29, 2020 - 12:58 pm

Earlier this week on the Boomer and Gio Show, the guys debuted their new game show, “Who Said What?”, to try to stump each other in remembering which member of the crew uttered a quote in question.

Consider that pilot picked up, because on Wednesday’s show, Monty from San Francisco chose to face Al Dukes in the first caller versus staff matchup of “Who Said What?” on the air, with the winner receiving a great prize: nothing.

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The winner, and reigning champion, is AL HUGHES (we know you know who said that), but one of the selections chosen by Jerry Recco for the game stumped both – leaving Al in the lurch because he couldn’t identify his own quote, and giving Monty a chance to explain the less-than-savory activities that had him up at 5 a.m. West Coast time to play.

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