Boomer and Gio's Moment of the Day: 7/24/2020

Boomer and Gio
July 24, 2020 - 11:45 am

It’s Friday, and what’s the best way to kick off your weekend? With a DOUBLE Moment of the Day!

Jerry Recco had the Moment of the Day all lined up to celebrate the Opening Day(s) for New York baseball, but too many people reached out about the segment where the Boom-pa revealed that little Windsor tried to get some Matty Marts Milk by accident at feeding time.

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And so, your co-Moment of the Day comes courtesy of the days where Gio could’ve used Frank Costanza’s Bro (or man-zere!).

“When Sabrina was born, I was at my fattest – I had like full-blown C-Cups at that point. She probably would’ve gotten mayonnaise out of there!” Gio joked.

If that didn’t whet your appetite enough (see what we did there), Jerry than played the planned Moment of the Day, which gave us a times-two of Gio impressions, as he drinks the “crazy juice” to do some Brodie and the Bear!

Check out today’s Boomer and Gio Moment of the Day x2 below, and check out more on-demand audio from WFAN's morning show!

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