Boomer and Gio's Moment of the Day: 7/23/2020

Boomer and Gio
July 23, 2020 - 10:42 am

On Thursday morning, the Boomer & Gio crew were discussing what the world will be like when Mookie Betts’ contract expires in 2032, and it led to a somber Moment of the Day.

“I’ve decided that Eddie is a bad guy,” Gio said. “He says in my ear that Winnie will be 12, Sabrina will be in high school, Jerry’s kids will be out of high school, and Whimsy will be dead.”

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Whimsy is, if you didn’t know, the beloved greyhound producer Al Dukes adopted a few months ago, and is, to be fair, already advancing in age according to dog years – but come on, Eddie, really?

“Why would you say that Eddie?” Jerry Recco wondered. “Not that it’s not true, but jeez!”

Leave it to the Booms to bring levity and even more morbidity to the situation at the same time.

“I may be dead,” Boomer deadpanned. “Now that I think about it though, Al is going to be inconsolable.”

Let’s hope not, because that will be one program that no one wants to see.

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