WATCH: WFAN's Joe Benigno On Todd Bowles: ‘He May Be The Worst Coach In The NFL’

Joe & Evan
November 05, 2018 - 2:41 pm
Evan Roberts and Joe Benigno




Joe and Evan opened Monday’s show in fiery form following the Jets’ 13-6 loss to the Miami Dolphins.

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The duo took aim at head coach Todd Bowles’ costly decisions throughout the defeat.

“It’s never Todd Bowles’ fault, it’s unbelievable,” Benigno said. “This guy is a horrendous… and I’ve said it a million times. Right now, with Hue Jackson now out of the picture – he may be the worst coach in the NFL. They are such a poorly-coached football team. Let’s just start with this – how in the world does Spencer Long continue to play in this game when he had at least nine of 10 bad shotgun snaps, including the one that led to the interception return for a touchdown?

The guy isn’t replaced in the game until the last series of the game. How is he playing? Not only that, but they stay in the shotgun! You know the guy can’t make a shotgun snap. Maybe you go under center? I mean, maybe? Or like I said, take him out of the game! Bro, how is that possible?"

Long’s finger injury contributed to his rough day snapping the ball to quarterback Sam Darnold.

“It’s negligence,” Roberts said. “Because Spencer Long – and I’m not going to blame Spencer Long. The guy is playing hurt and he’s trying. He’s not going to quit, he’s not going to say ‘I’m done, I’m leaving.’ You, as the coach, have to say: ‘You know what? You’re hurting this team so much Spencer, we appreciate the effort you’re putting out there – now get off the field.’ Just get off the field. Or like you said, dare I say, you actually put Darnold under center. But Bowles, who is so unaware of everything around him, says after the game ‘we replaced him because of health.’ Well, coach did it have anything do with the fact that he was terrible?”

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Benigno began comparing Bowles to reviled former head coach Rich Kotite.

"It's the same after every game -- 'We didn't execute, we'll get it fixed, we're gonna be fine.' It's Richie Kotite," Benigno said. "That's what it is! He's right on-par with Kotite as a coach."

Kotite went 4-28 in two seasons as Jets' head coach. He finished 1-15 in his final season. Bowles is 23-34 in four seasons coaching Gang Green.

Listen to Joe and Evan's entire open below: