WFAN's Joe Benigno On Jets: 'This Team Quit On The Coach'

Joe & Evan
November 12, 2018 - 11:39 am


WFAN host Joe Benigno has been a diehard Jets fan for 54 years. What he witnessed on Sunday was the lowest point of his life as a passionate fan of Gang Green.

The Jets were run out of the building by an ordinary Buffalo Bills team. Buffalo racked up 451 total yards of offense in a 41-10 lopsided victory.

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“Yesterday was as embarrassing as a moment for me as a fan of this franchise as I’ve ever had,” Benigno stated. “There’s no other way to say it. That you have the kind of lack of effort or whatever you want to call that yesterday that this football team showed against a team who came into this game at 2-7, who came into this game losing four-in-a-row, that came into this game having scored 33 points in their last four games, who come into this game with a quarterback who wasn’t even in the league two weeks ago.

“For them to get absolutely strafed the way they did from pillar-to-post in every aspect of this game – a team that clearly – they can say whatever they want. Jamal Adams can say whatever he wants. Anybody can say whatever they want. Leonard Williams, Morris Claiborne, we’ll go right on down the line. They can say whatever they want about their coach. This team quit on the coach yesterday.”

Lichtenstein: With Jets On Bye Week, Bowles Must Go

The pressure is turned up to the max on head coach Todd Bowles after the Jets have begun the season 3-7. Benigno questioned the Jets’ preparation and effort, stating that Gang Green would struggle against some of the NCAA’s top teams.

“They never were ready to play football,” Benigno said. “They weren’t prepared to play football – they weren’t even a professional football team yesterday. They would have had trouble beating any of the top four teams in college football, the way they played yesterday. I’m sorry. That was an out-and-out disgrace, what we saw. This coach, it’s over for this coach and he needs to be fired today. Today! I don’t care if there’s nobody qualified to replace him. Does it really matter? What does it matter? It doesn’t matter. That guy’s not going to be the coach next year anyway. This whole coaching staff has to go at the end of the year. Bowles has to go now.”

Report: Jets Not Planning Immediate Coaching Change, Bowles Could Be Safe For Now

While reports state that the Jets aren’t ready to fire Bowles now, it seems inevitable that his firing isn’t far away.

According to New York Daily News reporter Manish Mehta, the Jets aren't planning an immediate coaching change.

"My understanding from last night was that the Jets were not planning on making a coaching change right now. It would be the smart move given the current makeup of the staff. The key is to minimize in-season disruption for Sam Darnold," Mehta tweeted.

Ian Rapoport of tweeted that any coaching change would come after the season.

“Even after yesterday’s horrific loss, my understanding is that any possible changes coming to the #Jets would be based on a decision made after the season, rather than during. That is the expectation. Decisions won’t be rash,” he tweeted.

Like Benigno, every Jets fan is sick, tired and demanding change. WFAN host Evan Roberts believes that firing Bowles would satisfy an angry fan base.

"You're right that it should be the end of him," Roberts said. "The only counter I have and I'm not going to fight it because what am I fighting? Is getting rid of him, just like getting rid of Ben McAdoo does nothing other than please some fans and do the guy a favor by getting him out. That's it. That's all it accomplishes."

The Jets enter the bye week before hosting the division-leading New England Patriots on Nov. 25.