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Viral Video Of Terry Collins Berating Umpire Was Never Meant to Be Released

June 14, 2018 - 4:13 pm


Earlier this week, footage went viral of former Mets manager Terry Collins berating umpire Tom Hallion in 2016.

The altercation was prompted when Noah Syndergaard threw behind Chase Utley and was immediately ejected from the game.

The pitch was likely an act of retaliation towards Utley, who was involved in the controversial play during the 2015 NLDS that resulted in former Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada breaking his leg while covering second base.

Major League Baseball has since reported that the video of Collins screaming at Hallion was leaked and never intended for public consumption.

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The video of Collins is highly explicit, and shows a raw and unrefined side of managers and umpires that is rarely seen by fans.

The footage quickly went viral as numerous media outlets posted the clip, though the video was supposedly never meant to go public.

The clip directly violates MLB umpire’s collective bargaining agreement, as videos of umpires that are mic’d up are not to be made public, according to MLB commissioner Rob Manfred.

In an effort to mend the situation, Major League Baseball is actively attempting to scrub the footage from the internet, as well as searching for the culprit that leaked the clip.