Tony Paige Talks Retirement, Future, Memories With Mike Francesa

LISTEN: WFAN Host Talks Radio Memories, What's Next

Mike's On
September 13, 2019 - 3:43 pm
Mike Francesa and Tony Paige

Tony Paige will host his final radio show on WFAN Saturday night at 10pm. Former NBA commissioner David Stern will be on his final show along with longtime sports writer Bill Madden, Giants reporter Paul Dottino and Jets reporter Brian Costello. 

Paige joined Mike Francesa Friday in the daytime. Paige has never been on during the day in his time at the station in his 16 years. 

It's on to the next chapter now. So what's next for the newly retired WFAN host? 

"I'm going to do some writing. The Daily News wants me to write two stories a month," Paige said. "I'm going back to do some boxing for the national TV. I want to do a book. Photography is a hobby of mine. I'm going to take some pictures."

The sleep schedule will change drastically from hosting overnights. 

"It's going to hit me a week from Saturday when I wake up at 7:00 instead of rolling in at 7:00. Monday at 2:00, I'm taking a nap in the afternoon. I get up at 2:00," Paige said. "I wanna get the body back ... on Monday my body really starts to slow down. I haven't done anything. The body says you're going to work tonight. You're going to be up all night. Now I get to stay up."

Paige, 66, started at WFAN in 1995, hosting one night a week for five years. He left the station to pursue other opportunities but returned in 2003, taking over as the overnight host three years later. It's been a heck of a run.