Shams Charania: Knicks, Lakers Are Two Contenders For Anthony Davis

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Maggie Gray & Bart Scott
May 16, 2019 - 3:01 pm


The Knicks found out their fate Tuesday night. They will pick third in the NBA Draft. There will be no Zion Williamson donning the orange and blue next season. 

That means the Knicks could use that third pick in a trade, potentially to the Pelicans in a package for Anthony Davis. 

"To have the opportunity to swing for the fences for Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant trio, that's what was on Knicks' personnel's mind. I think it still is," The Athletic NBA insider Shams Charania told WFAN's 'Carlin, Maggie & Bart' Thursday afternoon. 

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"You have the No. 3 overall pick, you have different assets - Kevin Knox, Dennis Smith, Mitchell Robinson, who I think they're very high on. I think teams around the league are beginning to realize that he is a guy whose ceiling is very, very high. They still potentially have an offer to give to New Orleans if that's what they choose to do. I think you have to look at the Lakers and Knicks as the two teams that should be vying as contenders for Anthony Davis." 

While there will be other names available this summer in free agency and potentially via trade, the Knicks are focused on the top targets. 

"The Knicks are big game hunting. Their focus is Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis...his stance as far as a trade has not changed. He still wants out from New Orleans," Charania told CMB. "David Griffin is going to do everything he can to maintain value, any type of leverage he can. If you're the Knicks you go big game hunting and hopefully round out your roster with players like the Morris twins or shooters." 

The Knicks aren't getting Davis though without giving up their No. 3 pick.

"To my knowledge if the Knicks are going to have with Anthony Davis, it would require their number one pick from this year plus the bevy of young talent that they have," said Charania. "That's the standard for a guy like Anthony Davis, who still has one year left on his deal and you have to remember...this is not a normal rental situation. If you're the Knicks, you believe this is your ticket to guys like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. There's a lot more dominoes at stake with this summer, with this trade market, with this free agency market that makes getting a guy like Anthony Davis so much more attractive." 

If the Knicks do keep the pick, most people believe they would take Zion's Duke teammate, RJ Barrett. 

"You have the potential of an RJ Barrett, who I was able to speak to. He's going to be an option," Charania said. "Darius Garland is going to be a potential option. There's belief amongst teams that he has promise." 

You can listen to the entire interview with the NBA insider in the audio player above.