Darling On WFAN: 'There's Enough Shame To Go Around' For Mets

Mike's On
July 11, 2018 - 6:40 pm
New York Mets former pitcher Ron Darling is introduced to the crowd during a pregame ceremony honoring the 1986 World Series Championship team prior to the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Citi Field on May 28, 2016.



Mets color commentator Ron Darling joined Mike's On during Wednesday's show to discuss burning topics surrounding the Amazins.

The Mets got off to a franchise-best 11-1 start. Now sitting fourth-place in the NL East, the Mets have begun the season 36-53. Rookie manager Mickey Callaway has come under pressure after a 5-21 June slide.

"I don't put this all on Mickey Callaway, there's enough shame to go around," Darling said. "When you hire a manager, and there's a lot of managers in baseball that doesn't have a lot of experience -- there are certainly going to be some growing pains. So, it's certainly not all on Mickey Callaway. It's also on people that decided that if you're going to hire a guy without experience, you're going to have to weather these kind of things."

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The Mets sit 14.5 games behind the first-place Philadelphia Phillies. Not only have the Mets been mired in a tough season, the minor-league pipeline does not seem to be producing quality prospects.

"I think this is the biggest one," Darling said. "More than Callaway, more than the team's performance, it's that the young people that are coming up that you're supposed to be developing in the minor leagues -- are coming up and let's just say they're less than you would expect from players coming from Triple-A, Double-A."

Listen to Darling's entire appearance below.