Mike Francesa: It's 'Ridiculous' That Adam Gase Had To Apologize For Avery Williamson Injury

Mike's On
August 19, 2019 - 4:50 pm

Once again, the NFL Preseason has produced some unfortunate injuries.

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The Jets were impacted by one such injury: Avery Williamson’s ACL tear. Williamson was injured in the second quarter of New York’s preseason game with the Falcons on Thursday. Head coach Adam Gase has since apologized for the injury, saying “it’s on me” that Williamson was in the game so late.

Mike Francesa began Monday’s show with a passionate assessment of the state of preseason football in the NFL. Francesa thinks it’s ridiculous that Gase had to apologize for the injury.

“No one knows what to do with preseason in the NFL anymore,” Francesa said on WFAN. “See, the NFL hates preseason. They can’t stand it. They can’t sell it … nobody wants any part of it … and they’re completely conflicted with playing players in the games now. But when I get a coach, who stands up and says ‘I got to apologize for playing my player in the second quarter’ … how dumb is the apology? How is it his fault? So, you’re telling me that if he (Williamson) played three fewer downs he wouldn’t have gotten hurt? You know that, right?"


Williamson hasn’t been the only key player to go down with an injury this preseason. Every year, the injured lists around the league are swollen by the time four weeks of preseason football have come and gone.

Football is a violent sport, and it does seem like the league is eventually heading for a lesser preseason schedule. That move could coincide with a switch to an 18-game regular season schedule, which is something that the league has wanted for a while.

Francesa continued by noting how football players can get injured at any time, and that there’s no way of really knowing when someone is going to get hurt.

“What is the magic number, exactly? Is it a number of plays, or is it the time on the clock in the second quarter? What is exactly the moment, that if you go past it, you now might suffer a season-ending injury. That’s how utterly ridiculous this is. This guy played into the second quarter. He’s a football player. They can get hurt anywhere, anytime. We’ve all seen it.”

Brian Hill of the Atlanta Falcons fails to pull in this reception for a TD against Tevaughn Campbell and Avery Williamsonof the Jets on Aug. 15, 2019 in Atlanta.
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Despite his defense of Gase playing Williamson, Francesa still is no fan of preseason football.

“The quality of the preseason games is just an absolute joke. You’re trying to watch the second half of these preseason games, you can’t. They have no rhyme or reason.”

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