'Boomer And Gio': Rays-Astros Series Is Going Yankees' Way

Boomer and Gio
October 09, 2019 - 8:55 am

The Yankees didn't play Tuesday night, but it sort of felt like they won anyway.

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The Rays forced a Game 5 by beating Justin Verlander and the Astros in their AL Division Series, which was good news for the Yankees no matter how you look at it, WFAN's Boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti said Wednesday morning.

"If the Yankees end up playing the Rays, guess who's got home-field advantage," Esiason said on the "Boomer and Gio" show. "If they end up playing the Astros, guess who they're probably going to see in Game 1: Zack Greinke — and he ain't Zack Greinke of Zack Greinke of old."

"No, he's not," Gregg Giannotti said. "He's a third — a distant third — to these other two guys in that rotation."

Tampa Bay and Houston will meet against Thursday night in a winner-take-all game. The Astros' Gerrit Cole — the 20-game winner who would've been the starter in a Game 1 against the Yankees had the Astros won Tuesday — will square off against Tyler Glasnow at Minute Maid Park.

Houston won an MLB-best 107 games this season and was up 2-0 in their ALDS. But now the scrappy Rays are giving the Astros all they can handle.

"I also think this makes the Astros look a little less invincible, too," Giannotti said, "because you felt at the end of the regular season — the way that they were playing, the way that those two guys (Verlander and Cole) took the ball in games 1 and 2 and the way that they pitched — they just seemed invincible early on.

Rays shortstop Willy Adames and center fielder Kevin Kiermaier celebrate their win over the Astros on Oct. 8, 2019, in .St. Petersburg, Florida.
Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports

"I know that people want to see Yankees-Astros," Gio added. "We've been talking about it for the longest time. It's strength against strength. It's the greatest thing in the world. But also, if you're a Yankees fan, you wouldn't mind seeing the Rays. 

"Yeah, you don't want to cower away from the best teams. You don't want to take the road less traveled, if you will. But, I mean, I still think there are going to be a lot of Yankee fans that want to see Houston go out, just to feel better about a World Series appearance."

But Giannotti and Esiason agreed that the Rays, if they are the Yankees' next opponent, cannot be taken lightly.

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