Ranking the MLB's Top 10 Current Team Uniforms

Tim Kelly
May 11, 2020 - 1:16 pm

In their final few years of existence, the Montreal Expos might not have had a television contract or a up-to-date MLB stadium, but they had arguably the best uniforms in the sport.

Vladimir Guerrero Sr. was the final superstar talent to don the team's pinstriped home jersey that read "Expos" across the chest, and the team's grey road jerseys that said "Montreal" on the front and struck the perfect balance of uniqueness and simplicity. Oh, and the team's blue hats featured arguably the greatest primary logo in MLB history, a red, white and blue "M" that subtly featured an "e" on the logo in red.

Certainly, the Washington Nationals - who the Expos became in 2005 - have vastly improved their look since their inaugural season. In fact, the alternate navy blue jersey with "Nationals" written sideways on the front of the jerseys that the team wore when they clinched their first World Series title last season is probably the team's best look yet. Still, the Nationals have never looked better than they did on July 3, 2019, when they wore the Expos' powder blue throwback jerseys.

While we wait and hope that the Expos eventually return - or at least that the Nationals more regularly wear their throwbacks - here are the top 10 jerseys in the MLB currently:

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