Pete Alonso Believes Mets are the Team to Beat in National League

John Healy
July 23, 2020 - 10:57 am

Ya Gotta Believe, right?

Pete Alonso certainly does. The Mets slugger and 2019 Rookie of the Year met with reporters via a video call on Thursday, a day before the Mets open their pandemic-shortened season against the Braves, and was exuding all sorts of confidence he has in this year’s team.

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When asked if the Mets were the team to beat in the National League, the answer for Alonso was simple.

“I believe so,” he said. “I think we have an extremely dynamic lineup. I think when we’re hitting on all cylinders we’re an extremely dangerous lineup. … There’s no easy out. For us we have a great lineup, a great pitching staff, I think we got the pieces to do it. We really have everything that it takes. It’s just a matter of going out and proving that to people on the field.”

Alonso’s confidence and bravado, along with his power bat, has made him the face of the Mets and endeared him to fans. It was Alonso, who last season, fired up Mets fans with the Twitter acronym “LFGM” as they made a late second-half surge back into the wild-card race, only to fall short with an 86-win season.

The Mets will be confined to only playing against opponents within their division this season, which consists of the defending World Series champion Washington Nationals, as well last year’s NL East champion Atlanta Braves.

Not to mention the Philadelphia Phillies, who made some improvements this offseason.

Looking across the rest of the National League, it’s hard to fathom any team more with a target on its back more than the Los Angeles Dodgers, who traded for Mookie Betts and locked him up long-term on Wednesday.

The Mets were also dealt some bad news on Wednesday when they announced that Marcus Stroman was being placed on the injured list with a left calf tear, leaving question marks surrounding the Mets rotation.

Still, Alonso remains confident and optimistic and the Mets are surely to benefit from the addition of a universal DH being placed in the National League.

In a 60-game season, the season can swing on just one winning streak – or losing streak, for that matter.

But as they say, Ya Gotta Believe.

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