NFL Insider: 'I Know for a Fact' Some Teams Want to Delay 2020 Season

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June 17, 2020 - 11:18 am

As professional sports leagues across the country begin to open back up, the NFL finds itself in the unique position where everything is currently scheduled as is – for now.

Yet, some teams might actually prefer a delay to the season.

Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer, during an appearance with WFAN’s Mike Francesa on Tuesday, acknowledged that is what he is hearing.

“I know for a fact that there are teams that want the season backed up now,” Breer said. “They’d rather the league bite the bullet now and say we’re starting Oct. 1 or whatever that date is. They’ve got flexibility to move the Super bowl back in February if they want to.

“… I think the point of a lot of these teams is, ‘why don’t we wait a month, give our players time to get in shape, we’ll give everybody chance to get their house in order, we’ll adjust the rules, and while all that’s going on ,by the way, we’ll get a chance to see the NBA start back up, the NHL start back up, the fallout of the European soccer leagues, maybe baseball … it will give them a chance to see what happens in the other sports as well, and not only buy time for science to catch up, but also gather information on what’s working and not working in other sports.”

The NFL regular season is scheduled to begin Sept. 10, but the season is designed in a way where they can move back games early on. For example, the teams who are playing against each other in Week 2 all have the same bye weeks in case they need to make up that game then.

Yet, Breer said what is holding the league back from delaying the season is the league office.

“The problem, for one reason or another, the league office is vehemently against it,” Breer said. “I’m not sure exactly why, but the pushback has been almost absolute from the league office to some of the teams that we’re starting the season on time.”

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