MLB 2020 Rankings: Mike Trout Leads the Top 10 Outfielders

Jordan Cohn
March 03, 2020 - 2:32 pm

RADIO.COM Sports staff writer Tim Kelly ranked the top 25 position players entering spring training and the 2020 regular season. Now, we're going to break down the best players at each position, and what better position to start with than the deepest class there is: the outfield.

Instead of breaking it down by left, center and right, we're going to list the top 10 across the outfield as a whole. There will be exclusions that you don't agree with. There will be inclusions that you don't agree with. But that's the beauty of baseball: as objective as statistics are, there is still plenty of room for debate given the possibility of regression, breakout performances, off-field issues and more that enables a legitimate discussion to be had.

Of the 10 leaders in WAR for position players in 2019, four of them were outfielders for the majority of their playing time and six outfielders were included in the top 10 home run hitters. There's a lot of offensive potency at the top of the group, but also a decent amount spread throughout: there were over 20 outfielders with at least 30 home runs last season.

But it's not all about offense. Baserunning and defense are especially important for such a wide-ranging (literally) position, as there is no mold to define a typical "outfielder." Thus, numerous components, ranging from simple stats like home runs to advanced metrics like exit velocity, were used in making these rankings.

All stats and figures from Fangraphs and Baseball Reference.

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