5 Potential Landing Spots for Tom Brady if He Exits New England

Tim Kelly
February 27, 2020 - 12:55 pm

It didn't take long for Tom Brady to have to answer questions about his uncertain future with the New England Patriots after the team lost 20-13 to the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Wild Card Round.

What we do know is that it doesn't appear the 42-year-old is planning to retire.

"I would say it’s pretty unlikely, but – yeah, hopefully unlikely," Brady said of potentially retiring to the collective media, including WEEI's Ryan Hannable.

Whether Brady returns to the Patriots for a 21st season is less clear. Brady's contract for 2020 will automatically void on March 17, leaving the Patriots with $13.5 million in dead cap money and an uncertain future at quarterback. They cannot place the franchise tag on Brady, who has led them to six Super Bowl titles.

Bill Belichick, who has coached Brady for his entire career, was non-committal after the game when asked about the future of No. 12, among other impending free agents.

“Everybody’s situation on the team is different. There are no two that are exactly the same," Belichick said. "The future is the future for all of them just like it is for Tom, and anybody else you want to bring up. Certainly, Tom is an iconic figure in this organization and nobody respects Tom more than I do. I respect all the other players and all the coaches in the organization, too. I think everybody that is part of it is an important part of it. I want to give the proper attention and communication and detail and thought into my input into those decisions."

Meanwhile, owner Robert Kraft says that he "hopes and prays" that Brady will either return to the Patriots or retire. That could set up an interesting crossroads if Belichick, the de-facto general manager, believes now is the best team to go in another direction at the quarterback position.

Let's imagine, for a moment, that Brady doesn't return to New England in 2020, but decides to continue his career. Where could he end up? Here are five possibilities:

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