2020 Fantasy Football Mock Draft: When Should You Draft Daniel Jones?

Jordan Cohn
May 26, 2020 - 10:10 am

The first mock draft of the year always feels too early. But it’s tradition -- at least for me and some other fantasy football diehards I know -- to start molding our fantasy draft strategies before we even know who wins training camp battles, whose health holds up, whose contract negotiations are successful, whose role is secure, and so on.

Though May might seem too early for all the reasons listed above, it’s especially early considering we don’t even know that the NFL season will start at a normal time. But it’s also for this reason that it’s the perfect time to think about fantasy football.

The unfortunate reality is just that; football in 2020-21 might just be a fantasy. But while we wait for other leagues to (hopefully) get started in the summer, with encouraging reports coming out of the three other Big Four sports, we might as well plan accordingly for our fantasy leagues to start back up on time and with the same intensity as ever. That’s what the NFL is reportedly planning for, as well, seeing as Executive VP of Football Operations Troy Vincent said that “unless the medical community tells us otherwise,” they are aiming to play in full stadiums.

If the NFL is aiming to play in full stadiums, then we should by no means aim to play anything less than a full-fledged fantasy season. And that’s exactly what we’re starting to do here at RADIO.COM Sports. Featuring drafters from our central content team and experts from local markets, our first PPR mock draft of 2020 has come and gone.

Let’s look at the best bargains, the worst reaches and the overall breakdown of our 12-team draft.

Draft Order

Jordan Cohn: RDC Sports National
Scott Krava: RDC Sports Graphic Design
Andrew Porter: 94.1 WIP, Philadelphia
Tim Kelly: RDC Sports National
John Healy: RDC Sports National and WFAN, New York
Josh Clark: 105.3 The Fan, Dallas
Josh Lyons: RDC Sports Social Media
Stephen Andress: RDC Sports Video
Stephen Meyer: RDC Sports National
Jesse Pantuosco: RDC Sports National
Chris Emma: 670 The Score, Chicago
Dan Mennella: RDC Sports National

Ezekiel Elliott and Saquon Barkley give the NFC East a strong representation at the top of the first round. Photo credit Getty Images
Kelce and Mahomes were the second players at their respective positions. Photo credit Getty Images
Expectations are high for A.J. Brown in his sophomore season, but how much more can he "break out"? Photo credit Getty Images
Will Le'Veon Bell live up to his deal in his second season with the Jets? Photo credit Getty Images
D.K. Metcalf showed his potential in bursts last season. Photo credit Getty Images
Mark Ingram's career resurged in the run-happy Baltimore offense. Photo credit Getty Images
Can Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees continue their strong careers, or will we see a decline in 2020? Photo credit USA Today
Carson Wentz and Alshon Jeffery weren't in sync throughout 2019. Photo credit Getty Images
Will Joe Burrow make a fantasy impact in his rookie year? Photo credit Getty Images

Who had the best draft? Who had the worst? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter!

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