Phil Simms On 'Joe & Evan': Sam Darnold Needed That Jets' Win Over Denver

Joe & Evan
October 11, 2018 - 3:35 pm
Sam Darnold



Giants legend Phil Simms joined "Joe and Evan" once again on Thursday morning to talk about a wide range of topics ahead of Week 6 of the NFL season.

Those same Giants take on the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday evening in New Jersey in a game that both teams absolutely need to win. Much of the discussion on the show focused on the battle between the two NFC East foes.

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According to Simms, the Giants need to build on both their heartbreaking loss to Carolina and on Odell Beckham Jr’s efforts to inspire and rally the troops. The Eagles represent a good opportunity to bounce back.

“The Odell Beckham Jr. thing … my opinion was it was good,” said Simms. “We got all this out. The air is clear … There’s always friction in the locker room and sometimes when it just gets out … you get rid of the problem … I look at the game tonight … the Giants, they have a lot going for them against this Eagles team, which is really struggling. Their offensive line is not playing well. Their defensive line is not what it was last year. Their secondary is just getting destroyed. They have no running backs.”

The Eagles certainly have their issues, but the Giants still haven’t won a game since Week 3 of the NFL season.

The New York Jets have found success more recently than that. Todd Bowles’ team picked up their second win of the season last week with a 34-16 victory over the Denver Broncos.  Simms knows what it takes to be a good QB in this league, and he seemed to be impressed with Darnold’s performance last week.

“Last week was something they needed, he needed, every body needed a lot. It was great for him to get the football down the field, to open it up. I thought his two games before that he really digressed, and he was kind of playing like the quarterback I saw at USC … but last week … it’s the best game I’ve seen him throw the football besides Miami this year. That was really big. Now they gotta have confidence that they can open up their offense even more.”

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The guys touched on Baker Mayfield's play for a bit, then they moved on to the marquee matchup of Week 6. Two of the AFC's best teams meet when the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes play the New England Patriots in Foxborough on Sunday night. Simms loves Mahomes, but still likes Tom Brady's team to get the victory.

"Tom Brady is gonna come out and probably throw it 27 times on the first 30 plays. They're gonna spread it out and Kansas City's defense, it played better last week ... but it's not that good ... I think the Patriots will be ready for a shootout. They can play that game, and I think the Patriots will beat the Kansas City Chiefs."

Listen to the interview in its entirety here: