Pete Alonso Shows Appreciation To New York, Mets Fan Base

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Mike's On
September 11, 2019 - 2:40 pm

Pete Alonso is having a historic rookie season with the Mets. NL rookie home run record? His. Mets rookie home run record? Pete's. Mets single-season home run record. Polar Pete's. MLB's home run leader this year? Pete Alonso. 

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Alonso has felt the love from the Mets fan base, especially as this team has stuck in a playoff race. 

"There's so many people that come watch every single day and I want to play hard for the fans that come watch us," Alonso said on WFAN's "Mike's On" Wednesday. "There's a million and two different things you can do in New York City. There's a lot of fun in a busy city, but those people are taking the time to come watch us play and for us, that's much appreciated. We love having fans at the games. It makes it fun, especially when we're in a playoff hunt like this. It's just been an awesome ride." 

The Mets have shown a lot of fight and resiliency this season. There have been many times where they came back from a deficit or a heartbreaking loss to win and keep themselves alive in September. 

"That just shows you the high-quality character of all the guys in the clubhouse," Alonso told Mike Francesa. "We don't like to lose. Nobody does, but the amount of fight that we have had. We just have this attitude or grit or whatever you want to call it around us. We work hard and prepare and it's all a matter of execution. No matter where we lay in the standings. We're always trying to get to the goal, have an opportunity to play for a ring, play for a championship."

Alonso has learned a lot about New York City in his rookie campaign so far ... including how to navigate. 

"I can ride the subway comfortably right now. I'm really proud of that," Alonso said. "I know how to navigate Manhattan. I have a really good feel for the city. I have like 15 favorite restauarants here. That's the beautiful part about it. There's so many awesome places to eat. You can spend an entire year eating at a different place and then having an absolute great meal. I'm a big food guy and I love trying out new places. This has been such an amazing spot." 

The Polar Bear does get recognized in the street sometimes, but it's been nothing but class from the New York faithful. 

"Some people do. The one thing I do love about New York is that everyone needs to be at some place five minutes ago, in some cases you needed to be there 10 minutes ago. Everybody is minding their own business. It's a blue collar city," Alonso said on WFAN. "If you have a white collar job, it's a blue collar mentality. You got to show up. You got to be there. You got to be present. People take pride in what they do here and I love that. The people I have run into are extremely respectful. I've just had a lot of positive experiences with people here in New York. It's been awesome. I'm just really thankful for Mets fans, Yankees fans, all New Yorkers in general and how they have treated me. It's been fantastic. So all you guys listening, thank you." 

Alonso is three homers from 50 and the Mets are three games back of the second NL wild-card spot. The Polar Pete magical season continues as he works his way towards a NL Rookie of the Year Award when the 2019 season is over.