Only Cy Young Voter Who Didn't Vote For DeGrom Angrily Hangs Up On Steve Somers

Steve Somers
November 15, 2018 - 10:32 am
Jacob deGrom and David Wright




Sometimes the best way to get over a mistake is to have a sense of humor about things. 

That wasn't the case on Wednesday night when Steve Somers had John Maffei of the San Diego Union Tribune on his show for an interview. Maffei is the only NL Cy Young voter who didn't give his first-place vote to Jacob deGrom. DeGrom's victory was almost unanimous as he picked up 29 out of 30 available first-place votes from the Baseball Writers' Association of America. Maffei's first-place vote went to Washington Nationals' ace Max Scherzer.

Somers was about to joke around with Maffei about his choice for the award, but he didn't even get the chance. Maffei apparently wasn't in the mood for a bit of fun and the interview turned out to be incredibly brief, but still pretty hilarious.

"John, can you look at yourself in the mirror?" Somers asked.

"Can I? Absolutely," he said.

"No. No, no, no. You're looking for 15 minutes of fame and attention," Somers responded.

Maffei, missing the joke, had had enough.

"Steve, this interview is over. Thank you, goodbye," he said before promptly hanging up.

Somers was able to laugh about it all.

“Well, one of my better interviews. Here’s the thing. Where’s this guy’s sense of humor, taking a little bit too seriously here, don’t you think?" he said, "He didn’t have much tolerance. He didn’t have much patience. And certainly no sense of humor, that’s for sure. We had planned to have some fun with him.”