Odell Beckham Jr. Blasts Giants On Twitter

Says Franchise Not As Serious About Winning As He Is

April 23, 2019 - 11:19 am

By WFAN.com

Feeling chatty with his Twitter followers, Odell Beckham Jr. ripped the Giants on Monday night, calling them a franchise that isn't as serious about winning as he is.

In response to one follower who called Beckham a "cancer" during his time with the Giants, the three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver, who was traded to the Cleveland Browns last month, said: "Ask any one of my teammates of who I was as a teammates and a man and a person.... yes I’m cancer to a place that’s ok wit losing because I want to win that BADDD. Ur absolutely correct !"

Beckham was apparently set off by an NJ.com article in which Giants general manager Dave Gettleman referred to a "culture problem" on the team but did not mention Beckham by name. Beckham, however, responded to a link to a HotNewHipHop.com article that connected those dots to him, saying, "this was by far one of the funniest things I’ve seen today!"

"The truth shall set u free my friend," he then tweeted. "I was raised to be honest. I’m a winner, I don’t accept losing and making excuses for it. So me speaking up to hopefully change a culture into somethin better, is bad for the culture? Lol that makes sense to u, hey man whatever helps u sleep."

Beckham also wrote that the manner in which he was shipped out of New York was "crazy" and "beyond disrespectful."

The star wide receiver's years with the Giants will be remembered for his electricifying play as well as his disruptive behavior both on and off the field. One Giants fan asked him why he didn't "straighten up" after signing a five-year, $90 million contract in August.


"I tried my best , the situation I had been in since I got there never changed ... we were still losing. PERIOD... money doesn’t bring happiness brotha... remember that," Beckham responded. 

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He got defensive when he was asked about the infamous Miami yacht trip he and some teammates took days before the Giants' January 2017 playoff game against the Packers -- a contest in which New York was blown out 38-13 and Beckham was held to 23 yards receiving and dropped a couple of passes.

"And we lost but of 20 points.... halftime Hail Mary.. packs on the road," Beckham wrote. "There no victim role , I had a terrible game . Wit not many opportunities to do anything as well. I’m a man. I don’t neeed to hide. How many play off games have u had???"

When another fan asked Beckham why he didn't travel with the Giants when he was injured, the wideout fired back: "Ask the coach .... I beggged him to go to each and every one of those games actually for my teamatws and to be on the sideline for the home games... he told me 'No'.... anything else sir."

Now in Cleveland, Beckham said he's "never been in a place so happy in my life, my soul, my spirit, is at an all time high!!"

He summed up his Twitter rant by writing, "Im not playin shotsss are fired!!!"