Randy Levine Optimistic for MLB Season, Believes Yankees and Mets Can Play at Home

Joe & Evan
May 07, 2020 - 4:44 pm

There is still reason to hope for a 2020 MLB season.

As the league continues to bounce around all sorts of different ideas on how to start the season, leaving many fans confused on when or if it will happen at all, Yankees president Randy Levine — who has been involved in discussions on restarting the season – remains optimistic.

Levine, who joined WFAN’s “Joe and Evan” on Thursday explained why he felt that way and even went as far to say it is realistic the Yankees and Mets could play in their home stadiums.

“I feel optimistic,” Levine said.  “A lot of very motivated people, led by commissioner Rob Manfred, and all clubs doing everything they possibly can to try and pull together a plan.”

All sorts of plans have been proposed – from keeping the players in Arizona and Florida to playing in home stadiums but without any fans. The most recent reports suggest a June spring training with the season starting in July, which Levine said would be able to get 80-90 games in.

There would need to be some kinks to work out with the MLBPA before a proposal is accepted, but Levine strongly feels that players want to play.

“They want to help public,” he said. “They see how important baseball is  – I’ve said they’re patriots – there’s a real thirst to get everybody here”

One of the biggest questions of starting the 2020 season centers on whether ornot teams could play in their home ballparks. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had said weeks ago he believed it could happen in New York, and Levine seems to agree.

“Cuomo has been very, very great,” Levine said. “He has basically said send us a plan … I think there’s a good possibility us and the Mets play in our own ballparks, again depending on the conditions I laid out before.”

Among those conditions include temperature checks, following the guidelines of the president and governors and weighing the where things stand overall with the actual virus.

Levine even envisioned a scenario where there would be fans in the ballpark this year, but cautioned that it would be gradual and social distancing would likely still need to be enforced.

“We’re planning for all kinds of contingencies,” Levine said. “I think it’s realistic, that when you put fans in the seats – our fans, Mets fans, all baseball fans – they love the game and they want to come, but I think you have to expect that this is going to be gradual and there’s going to be social distancing. Maybe you start with 20 percent of the fans and you keep six feet, each side, front and back … where masks and gloves and take all the appropriate mitigation you can to keep people safe.”