Severino On Forearm Issue: 'Frustrating To Hear This Stuff Again Happening'

Pitcher To Return To NYC For 'Battery Of Tests,' Boone Says

Ryan Chatelain
February 21, 2020 - 1:47 pm

Luis Severino tried his best Friday to explain the discomfort he's been feeling in his right forearm. The frustration and disappointment in the Yankees pitcher's voice, however, said plenty, too.  

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Manager Aaron Boone announced Thursday that Severino will be shut down for several days due to soreness in his right forearm. 

Talking to reporters in Tampa, Florida, Severino, sounding dejected, said he's stumped as to what is causing the discomfort, which he only feels after throwing his changeup. 

The right-hander, who turned 26 on Thursday, has a loose body on top of his forearm below the elbow, but the pitcher doubted that is to blame because he doesn't feel anything when throwing his other pitches.

The Yankees' Luis Severino pitches against the Athletics on Sept. 5, 2018, at Oakland Coliseum.

"It's so weird," he said. "That's why I don't get it. Because if it was something major, I would say if I throw my fastball and my slider, I could feel it. But it's only one pitch."

Rotator cuff and lat injuries prevent Severino from making his debut last season until mid-September. He felt soreness in the forearm during his final outing in the American League Championship Series, but he said two offseason MRIs came back clean. 

"It's definitely frustrating to hear this stuff again happening. ... We're seeing what we can do just get me healthy," he said.

Severino compared the soreness he feels to having just thrown a nine-inning game. 

"First time it happened, happened during the offseason," he said. "I threw a changeup and I say to the guys, 'I know I still feel something weird.' Came here, do the MRI, three days later, I was feeling perfect. I started playing catch, throwing movement, and then I started throwing the changeup. And I would say two or three days later, I started throwing the changeup again, and it happened again."

When asked Thursday if Severino will be ready for the start of the season, Boone said only, "We'll see," while adding that the soreness is "concerning."

On Friday, Boone said the pitcher will see a number of specialists and undergo "a battery of tests" over three days in New York next week.

Severino said he's confident the Yankees' medical staff will diagnose the issue and fix it.

"I just want to play baseball," he said. "I just want to pitch. Been doing all the things that they want me to do in the offseason to come here healthy. I was pretty good, I was feeling healthy until yesterday."