Willie Colon Rejects Notion Football Players Should Expose Selves to COVID-19

Moose & Maggie
June 30, 2020 - 4:30 pm

As coronavirus cases continue to spike across the country, there remains concern on how it will affect sports as many of the leagues are looking to restart in July.

On Tuesday’s “Moose and Maggie,” the idea of football players in the NFL and college exposing themselves to the virus to remove the worry was broached and Maggie Gray asked former Jets linemen Willi Colon if he felt there was any validity to that.

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Colon rejected that notion and shared his personal experiences with the disease.

“I’ve had four people in my family deal with COVID. My brother-in-law just got himself off a ventilator. ... I don’t advocate for anybody to take on COVID just for the sake they got it and beat it,” Colon said. “A lot of people didn’t beat it. Lot of hospitals that were over stacked and overrun and trauma was real. There are still a lot of people to this day trying to combat it and get life back together.”

The NFLPA has warned players not to work out in groups as cases spike across the country, but players such as Tom Brady and Russell Wilson have defied those recommendations.

Training camp is still scheduled to start in late July, but Colon preached patience for all sports about returning.

“I think we have to be more rationale and respectful. I know football people are craving for sports; people want baseball, football and basketball back. But this is a real-life issue,” Colon said. “... Until we get a grasp on how to handle this and combat this, I think we have to be patient. Football and basketball all that is not going anywhere. Valid ballplayers get older and time goes on and I understand all that, but I think safety should always be first and I think we should be smarter on how we approach it.”


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