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Survey Shows Jets Are Preferred Team In More Counties Than Giants

August 30, 2018 - 12:23 pm


Jets fans cover more ground than Giants faithful, according to an analysis by Seat Geek.

The ticket-selling website created an interactive map showing which NFL team is the most popular in each county and parish across the United States. It cross-referenced the ZIP codes of its shoppers with their ticket purchases.

According to Seat Geek, the Jets are the most popular team in the five boroughs, on Long Island, in northern New Jersey and in the New York and Connecticut suburbs just north of the city. Overall, they are the top team in 26 U.S. counties. 

The Giants are the more popular team in 19 counties, but most of those are farther away from the city they call home -- including several upstate counties and even a few in Vermont.

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The results are rather surprising considering the Giants are the more storied franchise and have three more Lombardi Trophies than their MetLife Stadium roommates.

The NFL team that is the most popular in the most counties is the Dallas Cowboys -- 392 counties, mostly across Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arkansas. 

Seattle Seahawks fans, meanwhile, cover the greatest land area -- nearly 800,000 square miles, or roughly one-fifth of the country.

To see the map, click here.