Darling Says Mets Had 'Chance' To Keep Carlos Beltran As Manager

Joined 'Moose & Maggie' To Talk Mets HOF Induction, Etc.

Moose & Maggie
January 29, 2020 - 3:30 pm

Ron Darling is beloved by New York Mets fans. It's hard to find someone who bleeds orange and blue more than him. He spent nine seasons with the Mets from 1983-91 including their 1986 World Series championship team. He has been broadcasting Mets games along with Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez on SportsNet New York since the regional television network started back in 2006.

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This week, he was officially inducted into the Mets Hall of Fame along with Jon Matlack, Edgardo Alfonzo and Al Jackson (posthumously).

He joined Marc Malusis and Maggie Gray on WFAN to discuss his Hall of Fame induction, the Mets hiring of Luis Rojas as their new manager, parting ways with Carlos Beltran and the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal, etc.

"I'm so proud to go into the Hall of Fame. It's such a great way they are doing it ... I thought it would happen after I retired from broadcasting but I'm happy it happened and happy with the people I'm going in with. It'll be a great day for my parents. They were at my first start in 1983."

Back in April, Darling took a leave of absence from Mets broadcasts for health reasons. It's great to hear he's doing much better now.

"As healthy I've been in quite some time. I'm feeling good."

After the news broke about the Astros sign-stealing controversy, the Mets fired their new manager Carlos Beltran, who was with the Astros team that won the World Series in 2017. To replace him, they hired Luis Rojas.

Rojas managed the Binghamton Rumble Ponies in 2017-18. The Mets named him to their major league coaching staff as the quality control coach this past season.

"I've known him since he's a kid. So smart, so delightful, great to be around. A guy whose full of confidence but humble and hard working. I look at it this way ... he came from a family with Felipe Alou and Moises Alou who talked about baseball 24 hours a day. Being under the tutilege like Felipe Alou, its almost like a PHD in how to deal with baseball people and manage a game."

Beltran was hired by the Mets on November 1 but was fired before Spring Training even started. He never actually managed a game. Darling believes the team had an opportunity to potentially keep Beltran as manager when the Astros news broke.

"I thought there was a chance very early in the situation to say hey, this happened in Houston, we like Carlos Beltran. That's why we hired him. We are going to stick with him 100% through this but once that didn't come within the first 24 hours, then it became a situation they couldn't control.

"Once the Red Sox had their press conference ... Tom Warner is in TV and it was a difficult press conference for him. I was thinking to myself, it would be really difficult with the New York media for Carlos to make it through that gauntlet. Once the 24 hours were done, after the Monday report, I think his job was done."

Listen to the clip above to hear Marc Malusis and Maggie Gray's full interview with Mets legend Ron Darling.