Pat Shurmur And Eli Manning Reflect On 2018 And Look Ahead To 2019

LISTEN: Giants Coach And QB Join Mike Francesa

Mike Francesa
December 17, 2018 - 6:27 pm
Eli Manning



NEW YORK (WFAN) -- The last meaningful game of the season ended in disappointment for the Giants.

New York lost 17-0 to the Tennessee Titans on a rainy day in New Jersey. Their last slim hopes of making the playoffs were extinguished in defeat.

They won’t be playing in the postseason, but the Giants still managed to turn their season around after their bye week. On Monday, both Pat Shurmur and Eli Manning joined Mike Francesa to talk about the last couple games of the season and where the team stands going into 2019.

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Francesa asked Shurmur if he could elaborate on what will happen this offseason with the team’s quarterback situation, but the Giants’ head coach remained tight-lipped.

“Right now we’re playing out the year. And you use all that information to kind of guide you,” Shurmur told Francesa. “Whenever the year’s over, and unfortunately this year we’re not in the playoffs, so starting Monday the players will have their exits. And then we’ll do in-depth player evaluations … we look at our players and the ones that we want to keep and move forward with, and then see where we’re going to add or subtract … but that’s all stuff that happens two weeks from now.”

Manning is signed through 2019 for $11.5 million and is due a $5 million roster bonus in March. The 38-year-old has a salary cap number of $23.2 million, which could make it tough for the Giants to keep him.

The two-time Super Bowl champion QB told Francesa that he still wasn’t thinking about next season.

“We’ll kind of worry about next year, next year,” said Manning. “We got two more games to finish out this season. We want to finish with wins and just feel good about what we were able to accomplish after a slow start, and coming together as a team and just getting this organization back to that winning attitude.”

Manning was further pressed by the host and was asked if he could see next year’s team building off this recent better form in 2018.

“I think when you have a new team, and new coaches … you gotta create that winning attitude and that winning culture. We got off to a slow start and it took a little while for us to come together, but we did. We rallied and started playing better football … We’re still a good team, and we’re doing good things and we’ll get back to executing better.”

Listen to the interviews with Pat Shurmur and Eli Manning both above and below.