NJ Gov. Phil Murphy Envisions NFL Training Camp in July

Moose & Maggie
May 27, 2020 - 1:56 pm

On Tuesday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy took a big step forward in the coronavirus recovery by allowing professional sports teams to begin training at their own facilities.

While the Jets and Giants must still follow the NFL’s guidelines and plan to slowly phase back in, the governor is optimistic that both football teams will be able to fully participate in training camp at their facilities once it begins in late July.

“Yes, I can,” he said WFAN’s “Moose and Maggie” Wedensday afternoon. “It’s not just gonna happen with the NFL. It’s going to begin to happen with all the pro sports. Again, this assumes the metrics are continuing to go — God willing, we don’t have to pull the emergency brake — that his continues to go in the right direction.”

New Jersey, along with New York, has been among the hardest-hit states in the country amid the coronavirus pandemic with 11,229 COVID-19-related deaths.

His decision to allow professional sports teams to train in the state comes just two days after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made the same decision for his state.

In addition to the Jets and Giants, the Philadelphia 76ers are also eligible to train at their facility in New Jersey, as well as the New Jersey Devils, although the latter did not qualify for the playoffs under the NHL’s return plan, much to Murphy’s, a Devils fan, chagrin.

“The Sixers headquarters and practice facilities are in Camden. The NBA has very specific rules of the road, they’re adhering to them,” Murphy said. “The Sixers have been great. Same folks on Sixers and Devils, by the way. I plead with the Devils making the playoffs next year, apparently that’s not going to work this year.”