News 12 New Jersey Covers Al Dukes' 'Heroism'

Boomer and Gio
November 21, 2019 - 11:37 am

Al Dukes is a hero. And now the masses know it, too.

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After the "Boomer and Gio" producer called 911 Sunday morning to report that two dogs were fighting outside his Matawan, New Jersey, apartment building and a man who was with the dogs appeared to be injured, News 12 New Jersey covered the story Wednesday night.  

"A lot of people like to say, ‘Well, I’m not a hero.’ I would say I am the hero," Al joked with News 12.

Al Dukes

Dukes said on "Boomer and Gio" earlier in the week that he thought his brave act of calling the authorities warranted a key to the city, an "Al Dukes Day" in Matawan and coverage by News 12. 

News 12 granted at least part of his wish. You can watch it here.

After Al's call, the police arrived, one of the dogs ran off, and all parties were later treated for their injuries. The German shepherd and pit bull mix have the same owner and were fighting over a toy. The German shepherd bit the owner's hand in the melee.

Another neighbor, Peter Valko, had appeared to try to separate the dogs and then calmed down one of them. Al compares himself to Batman and Valko to Robin.

Boomer and Gio discussed the News 12 report on Thursday's show. 

UPDATE: Later Thursday, obtained and released the audio of the full 911 call on its website through an open records request. The full phone call, over two minutes long, can be heard in its entirety below.

"A man was walking his dog and another dog attacked his dog," Dukes described to the police officer on the phone call. "He's now fighting the dogs, punching, kicking them. Crazy scene. The dogs are attacking him. the man is screaming by himself."

"My name is Al Dukes... there's two dogs attacking each other and the man is trying to break them up."

Amazing work Al. Just another day at WFAN...