Nets’ Garrett Temple Preparing For LSATs During League Shutdown

NBA Veteran Hopes To Attend Law School

Brandon Contes
March 27, 2020 - 1:07 pm

Everyone has more free-time right now as the COVID-19 pandemic forces us to stay home and practice social distancing. Some people watch more Netflix, but Brooklyn Nets guard Garrett Temple is using his extra time by studying for a test to get into law school.

“I started practicing for the LSAT prep,” Temple said in an interview with YES Network’s Michael Grady. “I’m a person who’s thought about going to law school when I finish playing, and what’s a better time than now to be able to put in 3-4 hours a day of studying for a test that allows me to get into law school.”

Temple and all NBA players remain in isolation while the league is on an indefinite hiatus. At least 10 NBA players have tested positive for COVID-19, including four of Temple’s Nets’ teammates.

Having played basketball professionally for more than a decade, the 33-year old Temple is starting to think about life after the NBA. He has an undergrad degree in business and thought about getting his MBA, but Temple said his father suggested law school instead.

“I’ve always been a pretty big time debater, I’m very literal,” the Nets’ guard noted. “So when I get into arguments…you probably just want to stop arguing with me because I’m going to nitpick every single thing you say.”

With a birthday in early May, Temple will turn 34 by the time the NBA resumes play. But this season, he’s proven to still have plenty left in the tank, averaging career-highs in points, rebounds and assists before play was suspended.