Mike Pelfrey: Carlos Beltran "Would've Been Great" as Mets Manager

Moose & Maggie
June 11, 2020 - 4:03 pm

Carlos Beltran’s tenure at Mets manager was over before it really got started, thanks to the fallout of the Astros’ cheating scandal, but one of his former teammates in New York thinks he deserves a second chance somewhere, at some point down the line.

“Carlos was a special player, and I think he has a chance to be special as a manager. He offers so much to the game, I think he can be great,” former Met Mike Pelfrey said during an appearance as the daily “Mystery Guest” on WFAN’s Moose & Maggie Show Thursday. “The way he understands things, picks up little tendencies, teaches people…all his knowledge, he’s probably one of the best baseball guys I’ve ever been around.”

Pelfrey and Beltran were teammates in Queens from 2006-2011, and the former called the latter “one of my favorite teammates ever.”

“He’s a really good human being, and I felt really bad, because I knew from playing with him that he would be an incredible manager someday,” Pelfrey said.

Pelfrey has reached out to Beltran in the wake of Carlos stepping down as Mets manager amidst the fallout of that cheating scandal in Houston, and had some strong thoughts about how the whole situation affected both the team and its short-lived former skipper.

“He was fine, but from him, he didn’t want to be a distraction, and he didn’t want to have to put the organization and players through that and take away from the game,” Pelfrey said. “I thought he would’ve been great with his great baseball mind, and he was maybe the only player who had action taken against him, which may have been a little unfair – it doesn’t make what happened okay, but he was a player at the time, so I thought it was a little unfair.”

Pelfrey had some more thoughts on the Astros’ cheating scandal – including some on how he perceived it while playing for the Chicago White Sox in 2017 – as well as other baseball topics in a near 30-minute spot on Moose & Maggie, which you can listen to below.