Mike Francesa: Yankees Don't Need Bryce Harper Or Manny Machado

Mike's On
February 08, 2019 - 4:59 pm

By WFAN.com

A week of February has passed, but both Manny Machado and Bryce Harper still remain on the market unsigned.

The Yankees (and everyone else in the league) have been linked with both of this offseason's two marquee free agents. However, it doesn’t seem likely that either player ends up in the Bronx.

Brian Cashman and company last made a big splash after the 2017 season when they acquired Giancarlo Stanton from the Miami Marlins, but they have thus far declined to make a similarly sized splash this year. According to Mike Francesa, the 2019 Yankees don’t need Machado or Harper, partially because they already have Stanton.

“The bottom line is, whether they went out and got a Machado, or got a Harper, neither one was a perfect fit,” said Francesa. “If they needed one of them, they would have gotten him. Stanton clogged up either one of them being added to the team. There’s no question there would have been room for either one of them had Stanton not been added the year before.”

Stanton had a down year in 2018 compared to his MVP campaign at the end of his time in Miami. The 29-year-old hit 38 home runs and knocked in 100 RBIs, but also had a batting average of .266 percent and struck out 211 times. 

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Hal Steinbrenner has been facing criticism from some Yankee fans who wanted the team to add one of Machado or Harper. The team didn’t make a blockbuster free agent signing like they might have back in the days of George Steinbrenner, but Francesa thinks ownership is spending enough and doesn’t need to defend the team’s payroll.

“They have a ton of young stars, led by Judge, who are going to be making big money very soon. The Yankees have calculated that Judge, and they expected Sanchez, and Gleyber Torres, and Severino, and on and on, to all be big money players, which they all will be. Throw in maybe Andujar, we’ll see how he hits this year … Add in a couple more pitchers … they just added a pitcher obviously, and they may add another one … And they have Stanton to pay, on top of all that. And then there’s the bad contracts like the Ellsbury contract, so the Yankees still have plenty of money on the books. They could add any one of these guys if they wanted to. If they needed to, they could add them in a heartbeat. They don’t need them.”

Listen below to the full opening from Mike's show on Friday.