Mike Francesa Reacts To Tiger Woods' Fifth Masters Championship

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April 15, 2019 - 6:06 pm

By WFAN.com

Tiger Woods shocked the world this weekend by winning his fifth Masters tournament.

Woods finished 13 under par to win the event by one stroke, barely beating out Dustin Johnson, Xander Schauffele and Brooks Koepka. It was Tiger’s first major championship since he won the US Open in 2008.

On Monday, much of the sporting world celebrated the greatness of the 43-year-old Woods finally winning another Masters. For Mike Francesa, it was a moment that perfectly represented “why we like sports.”

“Yesterday is why we like sports, because nothing else, except sports, produces what we saw yesterday. You couldn’t sell it to somebody if you wrote it, nobody would believe it. That kind of incredible story can only be true.”

Woods went from missing the 2017 and 2018 Masters due to injury, to winning at Augusta in 2019. His back was so bad, that at one point he apparently told his friends that he was “done.”

But he wasn’t done. Instead, Woods worked hard to come back and eventually rallied to produce one of the most memorable major championship wins in the history of the sport.


Francesa compared the win with 1986, when a 46-year-old Jack Nicklaus famously recorded his final win at the Masters.

“I don’t know if you go back to Jack ’86. This didn’t have the drama of Jack’s ’86 because Jack played so incredibly well on that back-nine to win and come from behind. Tiger basically just had to hold off and let the other guys make the mistakes … but watching him, and watching what we saw at 18, and linking it to what we saw back (at) that first Masters … and then to have it finally come full circle.”

Francesa was truly moved by the scale of such an unexpected victory that captivated the world’s attention.

“Yesterday, this wasn’t a golf event. This wasn’t a sporting event. This wasn’t an American event. This was a world event, when he won. This news went around the world. He was on the cover of newspapers in every corner of the world today, because it’s an international game and he’s an international figure. And you know what, the Masters just has a habit of delivering.”

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