Francesa: Beckham's Comments Were 'Rotten' But Don't Expect Lingering Effects

Mike Francesa
October 08, 2018 - 4:36 pm
Odell Beckham Jr.



The following are Mike Francesa's comments from his Monday show about Odell Beckham Jr.'s controversial comments about the Giants in an ESPN interview. The Giants wide receiver questioned the team's heart and their offensive playcalling and then when asked if he's happy in New York, he answered, "It's a tough question." 

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Do I think there are lingering implications from the Beckham thing?

First off, what he did was rotten. He just took a ton of money from the Giants, and you basically told them everything that's wrong with the franchise. You couldn't keep it in house? You basically said: "Hey, this is not on me. I'm wonderful. And I'm not even sure I want to play here." But he's forgot one thing here and that he has no respect for the team he plays for or the people he plays with. Because the Giants and Eli Manning have been champions before he ever arrived here. He didn't bring anything that didn't own already.

He's looking for something here. He came here hat in hand looking to make a career. He's not a champion. He's never won anything. Now he's gotten paid, but the team he came to has been a champion many times over, and he comes to one of the great franchises and talks about how he doesn't like the cold and wants to go to LA? And playing with a quarterback who's one of the five two-time Super Bowl MVP champion quarterbacks ever -- he (Eli Manning) is a champion. His career is in granite. It is locked. That's the before he (Beckham) arrived. ... So to show that kind of disrespect and to treat the franchise and the quarterback that way is just outrageous, especially when they just paid you a ton of money.

So the coach got angry and made you get up in front of the room, and you think that's why the team played well? Give me a break! You know what? This guy's probably always going to be a problem. You just hope you can get him to play well. He's a very, very talented wide receiver, we know that. Does he make a lot of bad plays? Yeah. He dropped a ball on fourth-and-3 he should've caught that stopped a drive. He dropped the ball in the end zone that great players catch that would've been a touchdown. And he makes a ridiculous play that messes up a play on special teams. So he was as costly as he was good (Sunday). 

Where they're going long-term with him remains to be seen. I don't think right now that wrecks the team. I actually think Shurmur dealt with it the right way. He put him in front of the team and made him deal with it.

Eli is so different than most stars. He's not going to let that bother him. He's going to brush that off. He even did after the game. He said, "Odell and I are fine." And I believe that. If Eli harbors anything, you're never going to know it. He's not going to let it bother him.

So I think Shurmur handled it right. He was angry. He made sure he turned it into a nonissue very quickly. He did it the right way. He put him in front of the team. He handled it exactly the way you want a head coach to handle it. He didn't act like it wasn't a big deal. He didn't brush it off. He didn't say it was a media creation. He didn't say anything of that stuff. He handled it the right way. It was a problem. He knew it was a problem. And he dealt with it that way. 

So I don't think that has any lingering problems. The problem is they got beat on a 63-yard field goal on a game they had to win, a game that was going to give them something really to build on. And it didn't happen.